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I Dropped My Phone In Water – 5 Steps Save Your Device


We’ve all been there – some have survived, some haven’t. Here’s how you increase your chances of getting your device back from the abyss.

Step 1: Remove the device from the water source! GET IT AWAY FROM H2O NOW!

Step 2: If you’re lucky enough to see your phone survive impact, then: turn it off straight away and remove the sim card and battery if in rice

Step 3: Now comes the important part: BATHE your device in RICE and I literally mean BATHE it! If you’re really fancy you might want to try the Bheestie bag although it’ll cost you £20! (see below)bheestie bag phone

Step 4: WAIT at least 48 hours! Boring I know but the longer you leave your device the higher the chances it’ll live!!

Step 5: Reassemble and test. Put the sim and battery back in and see if it’ll work! If it does, back it up straight away. If not we’ll see what we can do. Water damage is a tricky one, unfortunately we can offer no guarantees as damage may strike at the time of incidence or later.

Repairly will repair your damaged LG Phone Screen

We Now Repair LG Phones In London! Book Today!

We now repair LG phones! This is a simple announcement that we are now offering new devices for phone repair in London. If you need to fix your LG phones or Google phones, we are here to replace those damaged screens!

After reviewing our conversations with customers, we realised that there was a growing need for us to fix more than just iPhones and iPads. As a result, we know it’s the perfect time to crossover into Android territory. This will only help us turn even more horrible broken phone experiences into an easy ones knowing you don’t even need to leave your desk or home for your phone to be repaired.

What LG Phones Will You Repair?

What LG Phones Will You Repair?

We will repair damaged screens on the LG G5, LG Nexus 5, and the LG Nexus 5X phone.

We will be able to repair damaged screens on your Google Pixel, and Google Pixel XL as well. 


Why Are We Expanding?

We don’t want you to have to go without your phone for longer than needed. It’s understandable that you have to be in touch with friends, family and colleagues most hours throughout the day. If you or someone you know has a damaged Google or LG phone screen, let them know about us, we’d be happy to fix their device for them.

5 Common Ways To Break iPhones

We often go to great lengths to protect our phones, whether that’s buying screen protectors, cases, or carrier bags to hold our phones securely. You probably drop loads of money to prevent the inevitable from happening, but unfortunately your phone will eventually break. There is a correlation in the data Repairly has collected, so we thought it would be useful for you to know the 5 common ways to break iPhones.

A study by Verizon and KRC Research stated that 49% of mobile phone owners have broken or lost their phone at least once. On average people will break or lose their phone twice. Knowing this information, hopefully this list will assist you in locating and preventing the problem, or just encourage you to be more careful.

Ways To Break iPhones

iPhone Cracked Screen

1. Cracking the Screen

The first way to break iPhones is one we see on a daily basis. In fact 64% of our repairs are damaged iPhone screens. A lot of people tell us they sit on their phones, which is easily preventable. But other times it’s hard to limit human error.

If you are a millennial, odds are against you. It’s estimated that a millennial’s phone will take 200 falls per year.

Top Tip: If you have a high propensity to get angry while watching football matches, we would strongly advise not to have your phone anywhere near you, just in case you feel like throwing it.

2. Battery Fault

The second way to break iPhones is to keep your charger plugged-in too often. A huge frustration for our customers is a battery fault. It’s common knowledge that the battery life of an iPhone deteriorates over time. But you don’t need to keep it on charge until the battery has gone flat.

Another issue could be your most used apps. There are specific apps which may be draining your battery quicker than needed, and you can find those in our last blog Worst Apps For Your Battery Life. I would suggest taking five minutes to read it and see which apps you have that are your battery stealing culprits.

Top Tip: Turn off apps in Background App Refresh. Go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend turning Background App Refresh entirely. Here you can select which apps to turn off and which ones to leave running.

iPhone Home Button

3. Damaging Buttons

The third way to break iPhones includes your home button. Buttons on your phone affect everything: your ability to navigate, text, search the internet, and switch between apps. It can be quite frustrating. We constantly see repair requests for the home button. Possible reasons that your home button may be stuck are because you dropped the phone or exposed the circuits to moisture or heat. If you need a temporary fix enable Assistive Touch to keep using your phone, even if it may be somewhat annoying.

Top Tip: Enable AssistiveTouch. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, and scroll until you see AssistiveTouch and turn it on. You can even customise it if you want to get technical. 

iPhone Charging Port

4. Damaging the Charging Port

The fourth, a lot of people freak out when their phone doesn’t charge. I do too. How would we function without being connected 24/7? This is key indication of damage to the charging port. Usually the charging port will fail to function if it’s had water or debris inside of it. A damaged charging port doesn’t mean that you need a whole new device. You can stop holding your breath. You’ll just simply need to get the charging port replaced.

Top Tip: Don’t try this at home for risk of messing up the whole device. Get a trusted professional to do the replacement. 

IPhone Speaker

5. Breaking the Speakers

Lastly, speakers often stop working because of loose or corroded internal parts, a big drop of your phone, keeping the volume on a high for long durations, or even a software issue. Most software issues can be fixed at home, which is a good thing. If it’s a software problem you can do a DFU Restore of your phone. In the case of a hardware issue, you’ll need to have that fixed by a professional.

Top Tip: Back-up your iPhone before doing the Restore. It would be a shame to lose all of your holiday and cat photos. 

Need A Quick Fix?

Get in touch!

If you are in over your head, we do diagnostic checks. From their our Engineers will locate the problem with your iPhone and do the necessary fixes. Remember it’s always best to leave your device with a professional. In case of a future issue we offer a 12-month warranty on the parts we replace, just so you know your device is in good hands.

Get My Phone Fixed

Worst Apps For Your Battery Life

Your smartphone battery life is important. An iPhone with a full charge can get you anywhere, connect you to anyone, and even supply you with anything, like the city’s best food of course. To keep your phone up and running, we want to tell you the worst apps for your battery life, be it iOS or Android.

We’ll simply give you the battery life killer hit list, tell you how to reduce their impact on then show you a couple of comparisons of the different battery killing apps represented in Repairly HQ.

Remember, depending on your app usage, these may very. Obviously, all apps consume battery life. But some are severe battery drainers. This is a list of the worst. 

1. Snapchat

snapchat can be bad for your battery life

2. Facebook Messenger

facebook messanger battery life

3. Google Maps

google maps battery life4. Twitter

the twitter app can drain your battery

5. Google Chrome

google chrome phone batteryAll of these apps make your battery sad. But we want to teach you the trick to making it last longer.

How To Reduce Apps From Killing Your Battery

There are a few things you can do to prevent your battery from draining so quickly. These couple of points below will help you locate the problem. Soon you should be on your way to increasing your daily mobile consumption. Hopefully, it can be that little extra bit of battery juice that can hold you over until you get to the next charging point.

Battery Usage

The first thing you’re going to want to do is check what apps are draining your iPhone.

To keep an eye on battery usage, open Settings and select Battery. 

There will be a list with the apps you use and information on the percentage of battery that is drained by each. You can choose to toggle between the ‘Last 24 Hours’ and ‘Last 7 Days’ to get a better overview.

If you want to see how much time each app spends running in the background. Simply select the clock in the right corner to see how much on-screen time and minutes of background time each app uses.

Background App Refresh

Now that you’ve identified the battery stealing culprits, it’s time to take action.  The apps that are running way too often in the background are the one’s you’re definitely going to want to turn-off.  We’ll show you how to do a background app refresh.

To perform a background app refresh, open Settings, select General, select Background App Refresh, and toggle it off.

This can go a long way in saving significant amounts of battery life by itself. You can choose individual apps from refreshing in the background, or turn-off background refresh altogether. However, there is one more method you can use that most people don’t know about.

Add To Home Screen

This last method is useful for your favourite social apps, which will always use the most battery life, unless you are gaming a lot on the tube.

Here’s an example: The Facebook app may use a lot of your battery, but you can bypass using the app by doing this:

To skip using the app, open Safari. Go to Facebook and login. Then select the Share icon at the bottom, center of the screen. Tap Add to Home Screen.

A screen will pop-up with the name and url address. When you tap Add, the icon will be added to your Home Screen for easy access to Facebook, or whatever website you choose.

The icon added to your Home Screen will look like the Facebook app but will open a web browser instead of using the energy-draining app. You can use this method for Twitter and other websites you love that don’t have apps as well.

Unfortunately, this last method won’t work for some apps like Google Chrome or Google Maps. However, turning off Background App Refresh should make a significant difference for those two. If you’re still not happy about the battery usage, it could be time to look into other options, like getting a battery replacement.

Book A Battery Replacement

Repairly HQ Phone Battery Usage Comparison

In the office we did a survey of our phone battery usage. It’s quite interesting to see where people spend their valuable time engaging on their phone. I’ll show you the top 5 apps that our team uses from 5 different team members (one is from WeGym, but we work together often).

Myself – You can tell where my priorities lie. I love chatting to friends and family whilst listening to music.

Rich – As you can see Rich has a lot of background activity on. He loves browsing the safari, because he’s a facts guy. You can always count on him. Citymapper is also pretty popular in London.

Fraser – This is interesting. I’ve never seen Fraser play 8 Ball Pool, but he does have a thirst for knowledge, which is what I assume he was doing on YouTube for so long.

Andy – From these percentages, either Andy doesn’t use his phone much, or he just has a really efficient Android. He is currently building a side hustle company, which is probably why Acast (podcasts) and YouTube take-up a chunk of his battery power.

Josh – Our friend founded a company called WeGym, where you can get a Personal Trainer with a squad who have the same fitness goals as you do. He is quite the outgoing type. Can you tell?


Most of us are constantly using our phones. If you need us to help you figure out your battery issues and have any questions feel free to get in touch with us directly. We’d love to get your battery performing it’s best as quickly as possible.

iPhone Water Damage

How To Protect Your Phone From Water Damage

We live in London, it’s almost inevitable that at one point or another you’ll end up with a water damaged iPhone or Android. As a repair company, we care a lot about the devices you use every waking minute. Our phones are personal. We FaceTime our best friends and family, schedule important reminders to our calendars for work, even find live updates for public transport. That being said, it’s in your best interest to know how to protect your phone from water damage. Listed below are some helpful tips we found to help you keep your phone dry.

Avoiding Phone Water Damage

Use a Waterproof Case

It’s winter. Let’s face it, in the UK it’s almost always rain season. Investing in a good waterproof case now could save you money in the long run. Some of our favourites are:

Pelican Marine Case

Pelican Waterproof Case Water Damage

Source: DigitalTrends

Catalyst Waterproof Case

Catalyst Waterproof Case Water Damage

Source: CatalystLifestyle

LifeProof Waterproof Case

LifeProof Waterproof Case Water Damage

Source: Lifeproof

Use Headphones

An easy way for your phone to avoid getting wet on your daily commute is to simply keep it in your pocket or bag. Use a set of headphone if you need to speak with someone urgently, or pop into the nearest cafe to use citymapper. Wired headphones, even bluetooth headsets will have better water resistance than your phone.


Use a Zip Pouch

Another way to protect your phone from water damage is to secure it in a zip pouch. You can find Vansky waterproof pouches on Amazon for a reasonable price that will fit most phones. They are a best seller and are fully submersible up to 30m, perfect for any activity involving water.

What to Do if Water Still Gets Into Your Phone

All of these options can certainly reduce your risk of water damage, but nothing is a one-hundred percent guarantee. If your phone manages to still get wet you can use the good old, tried-and-tested dry-out method by following these steps:

*Remember if your phone is fully submersed in water and unprotected, don’t turn it on.

If it is still on:

  1. Switch off the phone.
  2. Wipe down the phone with an absorbent cloth or tissue.
  3. Remove the SIM card, memory card and battery from the phone. (iPhones simply need to remove their SIM card.)
  4. Bury it in a bag full of uncooked rice.
  5. Let it sit in the rice for 72 hours before switching it on.

We hope this helps to keep your phone dry and connected to the world around you. Accidents happen, and water damage isn’t something that is covered under warrantee. Make sure you’re careful when it’s raining, and more importantly around water. 

Looking to Get Your Device Fixed Quickly?

Remember to keep us in mind next time your phone or tablet is damaged. 

At Repairly, we collect, repair and return your device in an average of 2 hours and 06 minutes. All you have to do is enter your postcode and book. You don’t even have to leave your home.

Check us out here.

Not only do you get your phone collected and delivered for free, Repairly offers a 12-month warranty. Often, it works out cheaper than getting your phone fixed with Apple directly.

apple convent garden

Booking A Genius Bar Appointment At Apple Store in London

One way of getting your iPhone, iPad, Mac or MacBook fixed in London is to go to the Apple Genius Bar. There are five locations in the London area that offer Genius Bar, retail and repair services.

Warning: Average waiting time for an appointment in a Genius Bar can be up to 3 weeks!

They are extremely busy due to the large amount of people that live in the Greater London area. It is highly advisable that you contact the location that you are planning to visit in order to check availability first.

In order to find the place that you want to visit, take a look below.

Looking to get your device fixed quickly?

Here at Repairly, we collect, repair and return your device in an average of 2 hours and 06 minutes. You don’t even have to leave your desk.

Check us out here.

Visit Repairly

Not only do you get your phone collected and delivered for free, Repairly offers a 12-month warranty. Often, it works out cheaper than getting your phone fixed with Apple directly.

So I smashed my phone- and had it back and fixed for less than the cost of Apple in 3 hours.

Hattie Willis 

Finding A Genius Bar

If you’re still looking for a Genius Bar, then you can take a look at the addresses below. We’ll tell you how to find the store and how to make a reservation too.

Genius Bar: Brent Cross

Address: Upper West Mall, London, NW4 3FP

You can contact the Apple shop in Brent Cross by calling their phone number which is 020 3126 9200. They are located within the Upper West Mall and can be easily found.

Their opening times are:

Monday 10am–8pm
Tuesday 10am–8pm
Wednesday 10am–8pm
Thursday 10am–8pm
Friday 10am–8pm
Saturday 9am–8pm
Sunday 12–6pm

Here is what the store front looks like:

Source: Flikr

Genius Bar: Covent Garden

Address: No. 1-7 The Piazza, London, WC2E 8HB

The Genius Bar in Covent Garden is based a short walk away from The Strand. This is a very central located venue and is very popular. As a result, it can often be busy and long waiting times can be expected.

You can ring ahead by calling: 0207447 1400

Their opening times are as follows:

Monday 10am–8pm
Tuesday 10am–8pm
Wednesday 10am–8pm
Thursday 10am–8pm
Friday 10am–8pm
Saturday 10am–8pm
Sunday 12–6pm

Apple Covent Garden is a very beautiful space. As you can see from the picture below, it has a huge open roof and detailed brickwork.

apple convent garden

Source: LondonTown

Genius Bar: Regent Street

Address: 235 Regent Street, London, W1B 2EL

The Apple Store on Regent Street is based in the Mayfair area of London. This premium location is based close to the main shopping areas of London and lots of other big retails outlets.

If you are looking to get a repair on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook then this might not be the ideal location. It is one that is naturally busy with lots of people looking to buy Apple products due to the region of London that it’s in.

Either book ahead (likely to be weeks), choose a different location or get your device picked up immediately and returned in 2 hours by Repairly.

Here is the Regent Street phone number: 020 7153 9000

Here are the Apple Regent Street opening times:

Monday 10am–9pm
Tuesday 10am–9pm
Wednesday 10am–9pm
Thursday 10am–9pm
Friday 10am–9pm
Saturday 10am–8pm
Sunday 12–6pm

It can be found just around the corner for the Oxford Circus tube station on Oxford Street. Look out for the big arches of the store:

Apple store at Regents Sreet London

Source: Wikipedia

Genius Bar: Stratford City

Address: The Arcade, Westfield Stratford City, London, E20 1EQ

The Westfield Stratford City Apple store is one of the biggest in London. The important thing to note here is that there are two Westfield malls in London, one in West London and another in East. This store is located in the latter East, not the West Shepherds Bush Westfield shopping centre.

If you want to call the Stratford Apple Centre, their number is 0208277 2200

The opening times are:

Monday 10am–9pm
Tuesday 10am–9pm
Wednesday 10am–9pm
Thursday 10am–9pm
Friday 10am–9pm
Saturday 9am–9pm
Sunday 12–6pm

Nestled away in the large shopping centre, the shop can be found on the first floor. This is what the outside of the looks like:

genius bar stratford

Source: Flickr

Genius Bar: White City

Address: Westfield London, London, W12 7GF

This Apple Store is the opposite side of town from the Stratford location. It is located in the White City Westfield shopping centre, nearby to Shepherds Bush.

The centre is in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in West London. It is an easy centre to find and is located on the first floor of the shopping mall.

If you want to give them a call ahead of your visit, their phone number is 0208433 4600.

The opening times of this location are:

Monday 10am–10pm
Tuesday 10am–10pm
Wednesday 10am–10pm
Thursday 10am–10pm
Friday 10am–10pm
Saturday 10am–10pm
Sunday 12–6pm

Westfield mall

Source: Flickr

Live slightly further out? You can also find stores in; Bromley, Bentall Centre, Watford, Bluewater or Lakeside.

How To Book An Appointment

If you’re set on paying Apple a visit, then it is highly recommended that you book an appointment. Many of the London stores are busy due to the high demand. Here are some of the ways that you can book a reservation before you turn up. This will make sure that you get served in the quickest way.

Are you too busy to take a trip to the store? Don’t want to wait several weeks for an appointment? Repairly can help you get your phone fixed on the same day. We’ll collect from your location. Simply book a time online here.

Online Reservation

One of the easiest ways to make your reservation for the Genius Bar is to use Apple’s online booking portal. You can navigate through their page to select a time and location that suits you.

Visit the Apple Website here.

Apple Store App

Apple also have an app for their stores. You can download it from iTunes or your App Store on your iPhone. Using this app you can easily book an appointment.

The link to download it from can be found here.

Telephone Reservation

If you don’t fancy trying to navigate through Apple’s tricky interface (hint: they don’t want you to visit their busy stores), you can give them a call directly. Find the phone numbers for the London stores here:

Brent Cross 020 3126 9200

Covent Garden 0207447 1400

Regent Street 020 7153 9000

Stratford City 0208277 2200

White City 0208433 4600

In-Store Visit

You can visit the store directly. It is advisable not to do this as stores are often busy and do not have spare capacity to take walk-in bookings. You’ll like be told to make an appointment and then visit on another day.

Small problem? Try Twitter

There is an Apple Support twitter account which you can tweet problems to.


Customer Reviews

We’re so grateful that our customers have been kind enough to let us know what they think of our service. Good or bad, we always ask our customers for feedback.

It’s extremely important to us as it allows us to improve. To understand what our customers love, or don’t like, will help us evolve the Repairly service.

If you’re a Repairly customer, then we would love for you to tell us and the world about your experience on one of the platforms below. If you’re thinking about using Repairly, welcome, please feel free to read what people think about our service 🙂

Google Reviews

Google is our favourite place to receive reviews and it is where we have the most reviews. As of January 2017 we have 59 reviews at a 4.9 star rating!

You can check out our Google Reviews here.

repairly google review

Facebook Reviews

We also love to hear from people on Facebook. We don’t have as many reviews here, we have 11 and 4.6 star rating.

You can check them out here.


We LOVE it when our customers give us a shoutout on Twitter. It’s really touching when somebody takes the time to give us a tweet. We love it so much, that you’ll see we have embedded a few on our homepage!

Here’s our Twitter profile: @repairly



TrustPilot isn’t really a platform that we use, but a few of our lovely customers have left some reviews there. We currently have 4, 5 star reviews on there.

this is a logo for the company Repairly

iphone 8 infographic

[Infographic] iPhone 8 Rumours

Hints about the iPhone 8 are rolling in thick and fast. Not long after the iPhone 7 was released there was plenty of hype around the new model because it will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

Many expect it to be radically different than previous editions. There are lots of reports coming in of new features and different designs. We’ve collected the most talked about leaks and speculation.

Take a look at the infographic below. If you’d like to use it, feel free but make sure to credit Repairly. For original files, please email

iphone 8 infographic

  1. No iPhone 7s. It’s the 10th anniversary of the iPhone so it’s thought that Apple will skip the 7s model in order to time the iPhone 8 with their milestone year.
  2. All-Glass Design. Remember the iPhone 4? Apple is said to be returning to an iPhone with glass on both the back and front.
  3. No Bezel. Apple are thought to be creating an edge-to-edge display.
  4. Home Button In The Screen. Having an edge-to-edge screen means that the home button will be in the screen.
  5. In-Display Fingerprint Scanning. Apple has patented a technology for an in-display fingerprint sensor.
  6. Wireless Charging. A Barclays analyst recently speculated that Apple will add wireless charging to the next iPhone model.
  7. Goodbye LCD, Hello OLED Display. The Korea Herald reported that Samsung has managed to win a contract to manufacture 100 million 5.5-inch OLED panels for Apple.
  8. September 2017 Release Date. September would be in line with previous release dates, but with their 10th anniversary, will they mix things up?
  9. 3D Camera – Korea Economic Daily reported a tip that LG will supply Apple with 3D cameras, allowing iPhone owners to recognise real world objects and use augmented reality technology.
  10. Faster A11 Processor. This new chip is said to be smaller, faster and more energy efficient.

Sources: see infographic.

iphone 7 plus muffled speaker

How to fix iPhone 7 muffled speakers (water damage)

Apple officially announced that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models are splash and water resistant. With a rating of IP67, the two phones can survive being submerged in water for 30 minutes up to a depth of 1 meter. Why is it then, that people are experiencing iPhone 7 muffled speakers?

We have had people getting in contact with us, here at Repairly, about their iPhone 7 having muffled speakers. It turns out lots of people think that putting their iPhone 7 is a great party trick!

Apple’s Recommendations

The big caveat here is that Apple does not cover liquid damage under the warranty. Recommendations from Apple of activities to avoid include :

  • Swimming or bathing with the phone
  • Exposing it to high-velocity water such as when showering, surfing jet, etc
  • Exposing it to steam
  • Intentionally submerging the phone in the water

Now, it’s impossible to avoid liquid encounters completely and we get it, it happens. While your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus should normally be able to breeze through minor incidents and splashes, recently a Reddit user reported using the device to listen to music in the shower and found that the sound was getting muffled. This is probably due to the water getting in through the tiny cavities in the speaker and causing a blockage.

With the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple included a nifty way to make use of the speakers to push out the water and clear up the speakers. It’s baffling why they have decided against including a similar mechanism in the new iPhones.

How To Fix Your iPhone 7 Muffled Speakers

Nevertheless, there is a super handy app called Sonic that can mimic that function of the Apple Watch by emitting a sine wave at a frequency which ejects the water droplets from the speakers.
iphone 7 muffled speakers

1. Download the Sonic app from the App Store
2. Set the tone to anywhere between 160-170 Hz and click play. 165 Hz has been reported to be most effective, however, feel free to experiment and see what works best
3. Take a piece of cloth and wipe off the droplets

Ta-da, that should result in your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus no longer being muffled. We’d be happy to hear if this worked for you, please let us know our experience!

If you’re looking for other iPhone repairs, then we would be happy to help. Take a look here.


mental health entrepreneurship

Mental Health & Entrepreneurship with Sanctus


It was a quiet Sunday evening, and I had just got back from a holiday in Portugal. I was in the middle of trying to change a lightbulb (true progress on the DIY front for me), and I felt the need to tell Rich, my co-founder, about a feeling that had been consuming me for three weeks or so.

I had been filled by a pretty deep sadness. It wasn’t about any one thing in particular, but it made my tasks seem less achievable. Goals seemed further away, my connection to those around me seemed dull and dampened. Very unlike me, I was low on energy.

Rich discussed it with me whilst observing my miserable efforts with the lightbulb. We arrived at the conclusion that a faint imposter syndrome had turned into the start of a feeling that seemed much like depression. Without necessarily trying to solve the problem immediately, the simple act of telling Rich how I actually felt, made a substantial difference for me.

From my experience, mental health is a topic that gets ignored in entrepreneurship.

Whether it’s the stigma that still surrounds it, or if it’s the media glamorises working ourselves to the ground, it seems undeniable that founders aren’t paying enough attention to their own emotions yet.

Entrepreneurship and Identity

It gets scarier when you look at how entrepreneurs define their identities. Typically, as James and I mention here, your identity is inextricably linked to your startup. I.e. Fraser = Repairly, James = Sanctus.

It’s an interesting paradigm. When you’re winning, you’re really winning. It means that you hustle harder: when your sense of worth is derived from your business succeeding, you have a strong imperative to push for growth.

But, you’ll also run into this:

startup curve


There’s a lot of up and downs on there. The more attached your identity is to your startup’s success, the more your emotions will peak and crash. It’s pretty brutal, in my experience.

This is where techniques to manage your mental health are seriously powerful. They won’t stop your emotions from swinging. But, having your mental health in check will bring emotions to a more stable equilibrium.

In the long term, I believe this will make you a more effective entrepreneur. Your cognition will be less loaded with unhelpful emotions, giving you more optimism, greater clarity of thought, more empathy, more creativity… and the list goes on.

Enter James From Sanctus

To get started on understanding your mental health, check out the clip below. There’s plenty of discussion on the topic, as well as suggestions for getting started with techniques such as meditation and awareness practice.


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