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The Best iPhone Wallpapers Of All Time

This is going to be an aesthetically pleasing article because we will be looking at the best iPhone wallpapers that show London in all its glory.

The Best iPhone Wallpapers Of All Time

Wallpaper 1

The first wallpaper I have chosen is a helicopter view of London with all the lights on. We at Repairly have chosen this wallpaper because you rarely get to see London at any other level besides ground level. By doing so we can forget how much of a beautiful city we are blessed to live in. This picture was even taken at sunset so the sun is just going down and the lights are starting to come and breathe life into the nightlife of London. London shines brightest when the lights are on as you can see in this wallpaper.

Wallpaper 2

This wallpaper gets a pick because it’s a snapshot of London in full flow at street level with also Big Ben peeking its head in the distance. Big Ben as the backdrop of this wallpaper enhances its look because it adds to the overall picture without being the main attraction and taking away from what’s going on at the street level. Which is a busy London with the traffic being blurred because it’s a moving at high speeds so you can only see the lights left behind.

Wallpaper 3

Now this wallpaper has been chosen because it showcases one of London’s most world-famous tourist attraction the London eye. This looks like it was taken from a mid-helicopter level from some distance as the wallpaper shows the whole of the London eye and not just the top of it as some pictures tend to do.

Wallpaper 4

Now this wallpaper was chosen by us at Repairly because it showcases one of the most iconic thing about London and it’s the big red buses. You can’t be in London too long without seeing one no matter where you are. So, having this wallpaper in your phone is just a reminder of something unique London has to offer in them big double decker buses.

The backdrop helps the wallpaper come to life also with the way the buildings look due to the surrounding lights shining on them so that brings another dimension to the iPhone wallpaper.

Wallpaper 5

This wallpaper was chosen by us because we are able to marvel at the tall skyscrapers in the city of London. We all know how the public feel by big shot bankers and the like but let’s not let the occupants of these buildings make us forget and ignore the sheer architectural beauty of these buildings. It’s a wallpaper for those will admire the city of London from a superficial standpoint due to the way the picture is taken.

The skyline level it was taken at shows just how huge these buildings are in comparison to the buildings surrounding them.

Wallpaper 6

This wallpaper shows the London bridge and the river Thames from some height and distance. This world-renowned bridge connects the city of London with Southwark it’s one of the most popularly visited tourist locations. Due to how unique and iconic it is.

Wallpaper 7

A street level shot looking up at all the buildings in the canary wharf area with the lights on showing these magnificent pieces of architecture in all its glory. It’s the night time so all the lights being on just add to the backdrop of the wallpaper as the luminous lights are a good contrast to the dark London night.

This wallpaper was chosen by us at Repairly because of the way it stands out due to how bright and vibrant it is. It’s like having a homing beacon on your iPhone due to how the lights shine and beam off the screen.

iphone wallpapers


How To Change Your iPhone Wallpaper

You can save the wallpaper directly onto your phone from this post. Once you are on the post hold onto the image of your choice and a save image button will come up press it and it will save the wallpaper directly onto your phone.

You then go onto settings> wallpaper> choose a new wallpaper and then go onto your all photos list to choose the wallpaper you chose from the website. This is how your phone will look just before you set the wallpaper

So we have now come to the end of this blog post it’s heartbreaking i know, this post was made because it’s so easy for those of us who live in London everyday to forget how fortunate we are to live in this beautiful city. Its very easy to take something for granted especially the city you live in but this post shows that this city is a marvel of the world and should be appreciated.

So we here at Repairly hope you guys will pick one of these wallpapers and add it to your phone as your phone deserves to showcase the beauty of our city on a daily basis.

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