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Things That You Never Knew You Could Do On Your iPad

So you’ve got your iPad repaired and back in your hands. Now the fun begins. We’ve compiled some cool tips and tricks so that you can impress your friends and family.

The iPad has many cool tricks you may not know about. Regardless of whether you are new to the iPad, or you are an able wiz, the tricks can not only save you time but also make your life a lot simpler. They will also enable you to tap the full potential of your iPad.

So here goes, the things that you never knew you could do on your iPad…

1. Navigate quickly to an application’s settings using Siri

With an application open on your iPad, hold down Home button so as to bring up Siri. Say “Settings” and Siri will bring up the settings of that particular application. You will then be able to modify the settings to meet your specifications.

2. Make passcodes with letters

If you do not feel at ease with your 4-digit passcode, iPad accords you a little –known alternative; the ability to a passcode with letters as opposed to only four numbers. All you have to do is go to Settings, then Passcode Lock. Turn off settings indicating “Simple Password,” and a screen will appear permitting you to modify your password while displaying a full keyboard.

3. Create Virtual Home/Sleep buttons

Is your home/ sleep button broken? iPad’s Assistive touch feature allows you to create virtual versions of any of your iPad’s buttons including Sleep, Home, volume and lock screen. Surprisingly, activating Assistive touch is very simple. Simply go to Settings, then General, Accessibility, Assistive Touch and finally turn on the feature.

4. Shake typing-errors off

When you are typing a text into a message or text box, you are prone to making errors. Rectifying the error need not take a long time deleting each word with an iPad. Proceed as follows; Shake your iPad. An Undo Typing alert box will pop up. Tap the Undo Typing box to delete the text. Should you change your mind again, shake your iPad again and select Redo Typing, and you will get the word back.

5. Send your Exact Location

Are you meeting up with someone and they are having a hard time finding your exact location? IPad allows you to send your exact location using the message app. To use this app, go to an iMessage with your said friend, tap Details and Select “Send My Current Location.” Your iPad will send a map to your contact through text or iMessage.

6. Invert Colors for healthier night reading

Reading black text displayed on a bright background strains eyes more so at night. So, to enhance your experience, flip them. How? By going to Settings, then General, Accessibility and finally, on Invert Colors, choose toggle. Black writings on a white background will be no more.

7. Take Snaps and focus using volume button

With an iPad, you do not have to tap the screen while the camera app is on to take a photo. You can easily use the volume button. Alternatively, press the button on your pair of iPad headphones and your camera will take a snap. These methods come in handy when you are taking a selfie using the forward-facing camera.


Evidently, your iPad can do very many incredibly helpful things. Make your iPad experience enjoyable by trying out the above tricks. Your iPad is more capable than you imagined.

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4 Unbelievable Date Spots in London

If you are a hopeless romantic, London is filled with a wide variety of dating opportunities. Besides the usual Valentine Day’s spots, there are numerous year-long dating options you and your date can explore. So, once you’ve got your phone repaired and you’re back on Tinder, we’re here to give you some date ideas.

Here then are some top 4 date in London venues you may like to a give a try the next time you spend some time in this English capital.

Date Ideas in London

1. Wilton’s music hall

Sandwiched between cab shops and several takeaways in an unpresumptuous corner of Whitechapel, Wilton’s music hall has been attracting couples since the mid 19th century. In that iconic era, its elaborate ornate grand hall and its gilded interior were its main attraction. Nowadays, after decades or dereliction, all you find is a crumbling, ancient building, which evokes a faded dream. Still, concerts, cabarets and plays are staged here on a regular basis and you and your date can have a grand time here.

2. Rowan’s of Finsbury Park

With its tacky’, red neon, open-plan dance floor with slushies, this bowling alley provides everything necessary for a magical date in London for virtually any kind of couple. Here, you and your friend can get to revel in bowling, karaoke, pool and even table-tennis. All the while listening to the hottest 90’s R n B tunes. While not the exactly what you would label as a romantic’ spot, you and your date will have plenty to engage in to avoid awkward silences.

3. Greenwich

There are certainly numerous exquisite areas in London, but very few possess the timeless elegance of borough of Greenwich. This naturally makes it a perfect spot to suitable impress a new date. For a full day-out package, attractions here are many and varied. For instance, there is the famous illustrated ceiling of Sir. Christopher Wren designed painted hall. This amazing ceiling is widely regarded to be one of the finest pieces of the decorative paintings in the UK. Also, close by there is a national maritime museum, a vast array of free galleries as well as interactive exhibits. If the weather is fair, you and your friend can shop for snacks at the Greenwich market, and then retreat for an intimate picnic at hill-top of Greenwich Park.

4. St. Paul’s Dome

St.Paul’s silhouette which is a popular spot is one of the main landmarks of London. But very few are in the know about the romantic appeal of the grand arch of the cathedral’s dome. If you make the effort to ascend the 259 time-worn steps to the pinnacle, you and your date will find yourselves in the whispering gallery’. Essentially, this is a walkway which presents a marvellous view of the altar beneath.

Nevertheless, this is not the main allure of this excellent date in London spot. If you to avoid peak hours, both of you can position yourselves on either end of the huge dome. Once in position, you can begin to indulge in whispering sweet nothings to each other. As strange as it might sound, sound in this dome reverberates from one end to the next. So, even the faintest whisper will still be completely audible even across the dome. Does not that make for the most romantic touch to an unforgettable date you could ever think of?

Find The Best German Bars In London

October is fast approaching. Which means it’s almost time for everyone’s favourite October seasonal holiday. Not Halloween, Octoberfest! At Repairly, we’ll definitely be trying a few German Beer Halls in London so we thought we would compile a list of our favourite.

If you are in the United Kingdom looking for some good beer, check out these German bars in London. You can get your favourite German beer and food at these fabulous pubs.

1. Bavarian Beerhouse, Tower Hill

Come to this great place if you are looking for large steins of beer. You can get your favourite Bavarian food, and the staff are even dressed in authentic German lederhosen. Reviewers say the food is great and the service is very good. It also has a very fun atmosphere as well.

2. Bierschenke

This is a very large German restaurant and bar. They have a Bavarian oompah band on Saturdays. Reviewers say it has a great atmosphere and excellent food. One reviewer praised their food and drink selection. When you walk in, you will receive the common, traditional German greeting, “Servus.” It means “hello” or “welcome.” The furniture was made in Bavaria, and the staff speak German exclusively.

German beer london

3. Octoberfest Pub

Here is another classic beer hall in London. On Thursdays, they have unlimited sausages after 5:30 p.m. You get all you can eat sausage and a large stein of German beer for only 15 pounds. It was founded in 2005 by a couple of beer enthusiasts. You can get Octoberfest fun from Mid-January until Christmas. It is the longest Octoberfest you can find. They have over 60 different kinds of beers. They have multiple full menus for different seasons. There is plenty of sausage and smoked cheese to be had with your great German beer.

4. Katzenjammers

This bar boasts Lederhosen-clad staff bringing you beers while you listen to a live oompah band. They have a large array of beers both on draft and in bottles to choose from. They also have particular guest beers during this particular season. Their beer hall extension to the restaurant opened in 2015. It allows them to seat an additional 200 people. It features vaulted ceilings and an industrial design. They have specially commissioned oak furniture. The lights are from a Communist-era German power station. In addition to the drinks bar, there is also a sausage bar. You can get up to 10 varieties of imported Bavarian sausages.

5. The Tiroler Hut

This is a fun German-style pub with Lederhosen-clad staff, cowbells, and yodelling. This place was established in 1987, and it is still one of the best German bars London. It is a great Austrian restaurant with good food and a fun atmosphere. You can also get some food from here catered at your next event. There are also party menus available if you want to hold a gathering at the restaurant. They have a very full menu. You can taste some of their great German bread for an appetiser. There are, of course, bratwurst platters. There are vegetarian options as well, and there are some very fancy desserts. In addition to German beer, they also have an extensive wine collection. There are some Austrian wines included as well.

So, if you are in London and craving some great German food and beer, check out these beers.

Fancy learning a bit of German before you head to the bars? Take a look at this video:

London’s Most Beautiful Parks


One of the unique thing about London is the abundance of open space, and the best part is, exploring the majestic park is free. No entry fee and you are assured of a perfect spot for a picnic or some exercises. Below is a description of the most beautiful parks in London.

Hyde Park

· This beautiful park is one of the largest city park in the world covering an area of 142 hectares.

· The park has over 4000 trees, ornamental flower gardens, a lake and a meadow.

· It offers something for everyone. You can enjoy boat riding, skating, swimming and even cycling.

· There are tennis courts, pitches, horse riding tracks, and a spectacular playground for kids to have some fun.

· Whenever you feel hungry, you can grab some food from any of the two lakeside restaurants.

· When outing on Sundays, you can head to Speakers Corner and listen to some talented vocal orators sharing their opinions with people.

London’s Biggest Park: Richmond Park

· The park boast over 1000acres of land and is the home to over 650 deer. This pastoral landscape of woodlands and hill host ancient trees, with animals, butterflies, and plants.

· You can choose to have some fun by golfing in any of the golf courses near the Roehampton Gate. You can also decide to fish, or horse.

· You can grab some fast foods from Roehampton Café or the refreshment kiosks so that you can have fun all day long.

· You can also visit the Isabella Plantation which is an organic garden and enjoy the spectacular view and beauty of the garden.

St. James Park

· St James Park is located in the heart of the city of London and covers 23 hectares.

· Major ceremonial parades, national celebrations are held in this park.

· You can choose to feed the pelicans every 1430hrs or watch other birds like woodpeckers, owls, water birds and bats.

· British restaurant café is open all day long. Therefore you do not have to worry spending the entire day in the park without getting worried about where to get meals.

· There are four kiosks where you can buy some refreshments.

Victoria Park

· This spectacular park host wide range amenities including; ponds, canals, sports ground and tennis courts which will ensure that you have the fun that you deserve.

· Visit the Victoria Park during summer and experience live concerts held by different renowned artists.

· The wildlife in the park includes; Canada geese, deer, moorhens, and squirrels.

· The pavilion café serves tasty foods.

Regents Park

· Located North-West London, it is one of the most popular parks in the city that covers 410-acres.

· The beautiful flower gardens provide a spectacular view for the visitors seeking scenic views in the busy city life.

· You can participate in your favourite sports as there are tennis courts, boating lake, and several playgrounds.

· You can visit the London Zoo and catch a glance of your favourite wildlife.

· The park also boasts a large playground built for older kids- located at Hanover Gate next to the existing playground and boating lake.

London’s Best Street Food Markets

London streets call in for overwhelming indulgence with toothsome flavours and scrumptious tastes. Street food is an integrated feature of London city. You can find food courts and stalls on every other street. However, some streets are distinct for an abundance of delicacies. While the city is on the run, with everyone busy and there is actually no time to stand and stare. Therefore, street food culture has evolved as a solution for all kinds of appetite. The best street food markets in London offer instant serving, budget food and wide menu options.

You can find the foods being served in disposable containers which makes them a completely eco-friendly food stop. Among all the food stops in the streets of London, picking up few can really streamline your food hunt on the streets for some really irresistible bites.

1. White Cross Street Market

Just after the renowned Old Street in London, near to the Barbican, this is the hub of extremely palatable delicacies. Here you can find vegetarian dishes like pies filled with spinach and cheese, bursting cheese bites, falafels, etc. Meat lovers can spot this White Cross Street market as their heaven. The awesome bites of burgers from Tuckers Big 5 or yummy pies from Eat My Pies are simply mouth watering. This street remains crowded mostly during the lunch hours for pocket-friendly tasty bites.

2. Borough Market

This is a Repairly-favourite! Borough Market is the hub of European delicacies, international cuisines and local recipes. You can find the quintessential warmth of London food culture here in Borough Market, one of the best street food markets in London. It is located near to London Bridge Station and is considered to the most famous food hunt destination. The market remains open for six days in a week from Monday to Saturday. The long queue outside the stalls like Kappacasein’s Raclette Stand or the Spanish Food Stop, Brindisa, remains unbeatable throughout the year. The craze for a sip of coffee at Monmouth Coffee also calls for hundreds of coffee lovers every day.

3. Broadway Market

Known as the hackney’s food hub Broadway Market has revived after a showdown early in this decade. However, it has emerged with a boom as the best street food markets in London with its younger sibling the Schoolyard Market and rocks again as the Saturday Foodie’s Hub. Looking for fish fillets or distinguished recipes, you need to peep for some irresistible flavours at Pork Belly Banhi, Banhmill or the Pork BBQ. If you have a sweet tooth you can visit the landmark of East London, the Violet’s Bakery and check out their Whoopie pies or cup cakes.

4. Maltby Market

Check out the Ropewalk, the railway arches at Southeast London Railway station for the Maltby Market. This is a lively market offering every passerby with countless options of bakery items to fresh brew. You can drop in at the London Honey Company for fresh honey flavour in delicacies. Natoora, Little Bread pedlar, St John Bakery for custard doughnuts, are popular food stops of Maltby Market, one of the best street food markets in London.

London flaunts a whole lot of streets and markets where you can find authentic European cuisines and local flavours of London.

Things To Do Near Liverpool Street in London

Whether you are visiting London as a first-time tourist or simply travelling for business or pleasure, Liverpool Street is a can’t miss stop.

Walk through the iconic buildings that line the impressive London skyline by day like St Mary Axe and visit the many restaurants, clubs, and bars that at night light up the night like the ones at Spitalfields Market, Old Street, and Brick Lane.

Liverpool Street Train And Tube Station

At the heart of London’s bustling financial district is Liverpool Street is where you will find the Liverpool Street Station that is one of London most travelled commuter stations in the world. Liverpool Street is central to all parts of London via Liverpool Street’s Tube Station, so you can leave the car at home.

Liverpool Street has one of the today’s busiest train stations. The station was built in 1874 and is part of the Great Eastern Railway that serves the areas of Essex, East Anglia, and greater London. The station was founded by British Prime Minister Lord Liverpool who had it built at the end of his time in office as a means to extend the size of London. Today the area stands as one of London’s most beautiful and bustling railway stations that attract over 120 million travelers each year and remains a unique mix of the modern and the traditional.

What You Can Do and See at Liverpool Street

This part of London seems to never go to sleep. Liverpool Street runs day and night and is a diverse melting pot of cultures. People from all over the world travel to the area to experience its varied activities. From the area’s numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants to the incomparable Commercial Road and Shoreditch High Street there is plenty to keep you busy.

Old Street is one of the area’s most popular places in London for a night out with a multitude of clubs and bars.

Bunhill Fields is the final resting place for thousands of English dissenters including three of Britain’s most renowned Nonconformists: Daniel Defoe, John Bunyan, and William Blake. Established in 1867 it is the place to go for a casual afternoon.

Wesley’s Chapel was built in 1778 by John Wesley and is known as the centre of world Methodism’. Adjacent to the chapel you will find the site of Wesley’s House that houses the Museum of Methodism and to its rear, you will find a burial ground that is the site of John Wesley’s tomb.

Our Favourite – Brick Lane

Often called ‘The Curry Mile’, Brick Lane houses the area’s Sunday market that is the centre of London’s Bangladeshi community. Brick Lane’s curry houses have a reputation for great value food, and for permitting guests to bring along their own beer. Since the late 1990s, the Brick Lane area has become the place for a number of the city’s best known night clubs such as The Vibe Bar and 93 Feet.

East of Liverpool Street

East of Liverpool Street, you will find Spitalfields Market where you will find fashion and music both traditional and contemporary. Vendors offer everything from jewellery and accessories to home interiors. Surrounding the market, you will find food shops, boutiques, and restaurants. All-in-all there are five different markets that a visitor can choose.

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Hotels Near Liverpool Street, London

Liverpool Street is a really busy hub as it is closely situated to the Liverpool Street Station, for this reason there are multiple hotels nearby to accommodate travellers and people who want to get away from the hustle of life.

Some of these hotels are a walkable distance like the Andaz which is 0.1km from the Liverpool station, the Bull and the hide is a two-minute walk from the station; while others are a bit farther.

Andaz London Liverpool Street

This 5-star Victorian hotel is one of the closest hotels to Liverpool street and features an ensemble of nearby pubs and restaurants. The Hyatt group hotel has a special breakfast offer but if you feel like eating in a restaurant, you can visit their nearby 1901 Restaurant. George pub is situated inside the Andaz hotel and offer nice burgers with a reasonably priced pint. Miyako restaurant, one of the city’s most popular Japanese restaurants, so if you are craving sashimi or sushi, you can always stop here or order takeaway. Eastway brasserie has a beautifully laid art décor and serves chef’s favourites; you can enjoy an indoor or alfresco dinner or brunch here.

Andaz hotel allows all of their restaurants, pubs and lounge to be privately hired. The hotel has spacious rooms, free Wi-Fi, and access to steam rooms and health clubs.

The Bull and the Hide

It is a boutique hotel that has a gastro-pub; The Bull and a restaurant; The Hide that accommodates private dining as well. There are seven boutique-styled rooms with lush pillows and wide-set beds. The décor of the rooms is an offset brass type and speaks of richness. High-end rooms offer a fully stocked pantry, and complimentary tea and coffee.

Rez Apartments

This is a family-owned boutique-style hotel, that offers rooms to both business and personal guests. It is about 0.1km from the Liverpool Street station. It has fairly-sized rooms and beds, offers a breakfast option and extra beds if needed. It is slightly cheaper than Andaz hotel.

South Place Hotel

This is an upscale hotel, that is a farther from Liverpool street, but is a 3-minute walk to Moorgate tube station. It has a number of associated amenities; free Wi-Fi, Bang & Olufsen TVs with free movies and media hub desks. Their restaurant Angler restaurant has a seafood and wine menu that can be enjoyed with magnificent city views. There is also an exercise room, sauna and spa treatments.

Travelodge Hotel

This 2-star hotel is for those on a modest budget, it is a bit farther from Liverpool station but a 5-minute walk from Aldgate tube station. Most reviewers have commented that the bed was comfortable and amenities were also in working order. There is a hotel restaurant as well. But access to parking and Wi-Fi are charged separately.

Tune Hotel

This hotel is a 7-minute walk from Liverpool Station. Rooms are simply furnished and extra facilities like towel rentals, Wi-Fi, safes and use of flat-screen TVs come at a surcharge. There is a simple lobby in the hotel.

For those on a tight budget, Travelodge and Tune Hotels are good, comfortable options. Moderate budgets could go for The Bull and The Hide, and Rez Apartments. Those with a premium-end budget can decide to visit the upscale Andaz and South Place hotels.

Restaurants Around Liverpool Street in London, UK

This world has beautiful touring spots from its one corner to another. From natural to man-made there are infinite must visit places. What adds to the beauty of these touring spots, the good restaurants. Delicious ones are always preferred though. A good food will always make your trip memorable.

Let us propagate through Liverpool Street in London while we have a good look at the menus of the restaurants nearby. Now that we have roamed across the third biggest railway station in Great Britain, let us turn our focus towards the favourite part of many, food.

All of a sudden, we find ourselves in 1901 restaurant. The menu is a really confusing one. Who won’t get confused when he can’t decide what not to eat? From offering full English breakfast buffet to serving you with fresh juices, shakes, pancakes and waffles, they have it all. By the way, we have just started.

Adding to your mouth watering, we head towards Freebird Burritos. The tasty collection of their Burritos, tacos, fajitas and salads is simply irresistible. Oh by the way, they also believe that Santa Claus is for real.

Okay, lets switch to a bit of a non-British food. We have now reached Cinnamon Kitchen. Well the origin of food of this restaurant will make you like it even more. We are talking about a modern Indian restaurant here in Liverpool street. What else could you ask for anyways? The perfect combination of Indian spice and British environment makes this experience a one to remember for ages. While the names might look strange to you if you have not a subcontinent background or you don’t have an Indian or Pakistani in your squad. But dear o dear, these are the secret codes to fulfil the true appetite of your tongue and stomach. Their raitas and kebabs are utterly on a different level especially if you have not tried them before.

Pro tip: DO NOT miss the Papdi chaat.

Ok, let us discuss McDonald’s as a mandatory formality. While they have almost same menu around the globe, one or two customised local products might draw your attention. Or unless you are a McDonald’s freak or you need to pee and you know there is a rest room for sure.

“That’s just an OK looking place”. This could be your remarks when you enter Patty and Bun. But where else are you gonna find the juiciest burgers of London? Their fresh sandwiches are going to make you take your statement back with a due apology.

So you are heading back and you have not visited fish market yet. This place is a special treat for people who are fond of fish. From seating arena to the environment. From delicious taste to licking your fingers so bad that you don’t even need to wash your hands, everything is perfect. If you are a tourist, you should probably keep this place as your final meal in London to make it even more memorable.

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