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Broken iPhone? Ultimate Guide On How To Fix iPhone

Where to get your iphone fixed?

Your iPhone has broken and you think it’s the end of the world?

It’s ok, we at Repairly have got you. This article is going to give you all the options on where and how to fix iPhone.

Claiming Your Phone Repair On Insurance

The first option is usually for those who have insurance on their phones so that option is send your phone to get repaired or replaced by insurers.

The downside to this is that going through an extended period without your phone is an inconvenience for anyone and usually it takes weeks to go get your phone fixed. This is due to getting your insurance to even believe you’ve broken your phone and you’re not just looking for a quick replacement when you contact them. You also have to post your phone and wait for it to get fixed and then sent back to you by post.

That’s way too much time for the average person to go without our iPhone we are addicted how will we cope for so long without our precious devices!

Phone Repair At The Genius Bar

Another option to use when your iPhone breaks down for whatever reason is to go to a Genius Bar. There are various locations and there are many around London.

The thing about the Genius Bar is that it’s always busy, you need to book in advance for an appointment and on average waiting time alone is like 3 weeks. That’s way too long to get your problem sorted.

Also, it’s rare for the genius bar to be free where you can just pop into the store to speak to someone as you need to book first.

When you do get a booking though and you get quoted on a price you must pay a premium price to get your iPhone fixed by the genius bar so it’s not the best option if you don’t want to basically splash the cost of a new iPhone just to repair your old one.

Phone Repair Shop

An increasingly popular option now for fixing your iPhone when it’s broken is to take it to a corner shop type establishment. This is all good if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative option to get your phone fixed but you must take time out of your day to go do that and leave your phone with them to repair it.

Also, it’s a hassle and time-consuming task to find a shop you can trust to fix your phone for you. These corner shop repair people are never Apple Approved also so it’s a problem If they make your phone worse.

There’s also been horror stories of these types of establishments taking parts of the phone out and selling them on and giving customers phones back with internal hardware missing.

Phone Repair Delivered To You

Now the best option to get your iPhone fixed and no, I’m not only saying because I’m on the payroll right here at Repairly. We have dedicated couriers that come to your location to pick up your phone and deliver your iPhone to our apple approved engineers.

Our average turns over time is around 3 hours so you we will pick up, get your phone fixed and delivered back to you all in that time. Super-fast I know, right?

At Repairly we also have a 12-month warranty just in case your phone breaks down again as iPhone can be prone to do so. All our prices are on our website so you won’t be in for an unpleasant surprise as you’ll already know how much you’re paying and we don’t charge you till the phone fixed.

Have I also mentioned our prices are very reasonable?

You can book your iPhone in for repair here:

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